Passenger Truck

At last a range of sit astride passenger trucks that can be purchased in a number of options, The body is a torsion box design, strong but light, made from MDF and glued with waterproof adhesive. Sturdy footboards are provided to keep feet away from the bogies. All the edges are rounded off and the end boards are removable for transport, storage or to drive from. A choice of end board shapes are available to suit your needs. The bodies are available in lengths of 5ft or 6ft. Bodies are supplied unpainted. An angle iron chassis takes the strain. The bogies are fitted using R clips thus making the bogies easily removable for transportation or storage. A truck body can be loaded into the back of a car by one person. They are equally suitable for club or private use, have a low centre of gravity and bar type couplings. The unbraked bogies (available separately) are strong, sturdy and have sealed ball races, 5" diameter wheels, strong springing and feature derailing bars. The bolster pivots are friction free PTFE and NO lubrication is required. No more greasy hands
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