I am the only manufacturer of OFFSET TEE BEADING.

Trying to finish off the edges of tanks, cab sides and tenders is always a tricky job. I have seen beautiful locos spoilt by the use of half round beading. It is difficult to obtain in the right sizes, looks wrong and is the very devil to fit. Just as you solder one end then the other end comes apart.

GWR locos used tee shaped beading but with the vertical part off set to allow for the thickness of the metal being edged and to allow for a neat fit on the top. I used my own product to finish the tank tops, around the cab sides and the bunker on my 7 1/4"G GWR 1400 Dart. Sweet William in 7 1/4 G also received the same treatment.

It is designed to fit perfectly over 16G material ( 1.6 mm or 1/16" ). Machined from the solid brass with a slightly rounded top, it can be fitted using 3/64" dia rivets or soft solder. It can be bent and formed to shape by FREQUENT ANNEALING and by cutting out "sharks teeth" to allow for the bending around tight curves. Using a Mini drill and abrasive wheel makes life easy.

Available in 18"lengths and 3/16" wide, also 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" wide, made to order


Pair of vertical boilers ready for collection
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