GWR BrakeVans


A range of BRAKE VANS are available based on the 20T, 16 ft wheelbase chassis with a choice of bodies. The vans are designed for hard work featuring a sturdy chassis with strong springing, The bodies are made from wood with a removable top to gain access to the water tank which holds approximately 5 galls ( 22 litres ). S.R. & BR vans have smaller tanks. The chassis features sealed self aligning bearings which give exceptionally free running qualities and the brake shoes either plastic or are fitted with the correct lining material. Couplings are of the bar type. Full length footboards enable a passenger to be carried on the back and the front compartment can be used for a coal pan, oil can or the drivers sandwiches. No handrails are fitted which means no more torn trousers and bent handrails. These brake vans are not showcase models but ready to run and designed to give you years of trouble free running and passenger hauling. A 15mm outlet at the bottom of the glass fibre or plastic tank is provided for you to pipe up as you wish. You are free to add handrails, lamp brackets etc as you wish. Provision is made to allow a cushion to be fitted and strapped to the lid for a softer ride!!!

GWR toads usually carried the name of their allocation on the side. You may have any name of your choice.

The present range of BRAKE VANS are:-

  • GWR TOAD to diagram 1/502
  • LMS van to diagram1/505
  • LNER van to diagram 1/500
  • SR van to diagram 1/506/507
  • BR van to diagram 1/505/507

Each van is available as:-

  • TYPE 1 Basic driving / trailing van.
  • TYPE 2 Driving van with brakes.
  • TYPE 3 Driving van with water tank.
  • TYPE 4 Driving van with brakes and water tank


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